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A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

How to search the catalogue

You have several options through which you can enter the database. Click the downward arrow in searching box. You will get the options, e.g. Author, Title, Subject so on. Select your required one and press the enter key or click “Go”.

search instruction one
Fig. 1: Simple catalogue keyword search

Then in the box type the name of subject you want to search.

search instruction two
Fig. 2: Topical index search

You will find the catalogue of all the books on medieval history. Now if you want to know the books on medieval history by any particular author then go to advanced search. There you will get options to relate different keywords e.g. Author and subject, Title and subject so on.

search instruction three
Fig. 3: Advanced searching option

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