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(published on 05/07/2019)
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A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life. ~ Henry Ward Beecher
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Our college library contains a rich collection of 28000 books. (Text Books & Reference, 13 Peer reviewed Journals, 4 Daily News papers, 3 Employment oriented Newspapers, more than 80000 e-books, and approximately 3800 peer-reviewed journals. The College Library is one among the leading libraries of West Bengal, highly praised by NAAC for being developed according to NAAC recommendations. It is technologically equipped to offer students the scope to update themselves. Library Membership is compulsory and open access facilities are available. This is the first college in West Bengal and under the University of Calcutta to receive INFLIBNET-NLIST Connectivity for Electronic Library. Its 5 wings include the air-conditioned Central Library and the Reading Room (for students), both under CCTV Surveillance, and the air-conditioned Research Centre for faculty members.

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